Teaching Philosophy, Goals & Aspirations

Thinking]The process of life-long learning, sharing of knowledge and skills is one of my deepest passions in the teaching and training field. I enjoy teaching both onsite and online utilizing traditional methods along with current computer technology combined with effective teaching strategies and approaches which engages students and learners in a motivating and enriching learning experience.

In relation to teaching any subject area, I strongly believe that students should be taught the basics or fundamentals, and then guided and encouraged to apply and share concepts learned to various scenarios related to the subject area. They must also be allowed to be creative, explore and experiment with new ideas, as well as make and learn from their mistakes. With higher cognitive applications, students must be able to learn how to solve and overcome problem tasks, as well as apply critical thinking and supported with justified solutions. The end product of successful teaching is when the learner or student is able to utilize and apply the fundamentals of what have been taught to higher levels of learning, while achieving their maximum and fullest potential lifelong learning goals.

Rapid changes in technology have caused a great impact in the effective delivery of teaching and training methods for learners and students of different learning styles. My current goal of pursuing the studies in Instructional Design for Online Learning is not only to expand and keeping current with knowledge and skills as an instructor, but also be able to impart information from my research, project assignments and practical experience to fellow colleagues. I hope to be able to some day train and collaborate with administrators and instructors to utilize fully what technology has to offer to enhance education.

I also hope to continue working on research that involves computer technology and its impact on education for learners of different ages, ethnicity, culture, and educational backgrounds. Topics will include; (a) how instructors, trainers and administrators can utilize technology fully and effectively in the teaching and learning environment, (b) how online classes affect traditional teaching methods, and (c) future changes in technology and its impact on education on administrators, instructors and learners. I strongly believe that an effective instructor is one who not only actively pursues life long learning for personal gains, but also has a vision of reaping valuable results which will affect learners as well as the educational institution or organization.