Research Design & Resources

Personal Research Books

There resources were provided by Capella University
Statistics Resources

Understanding Statistics Tutorial
A basic statistics tutorial that is very good and easy to read.

The Statistics Homepage
Everything you need to know about statistics.

HyperStat Online: An Introductory Statistics Book and Online Tutorial for Help in Statistics Courses
Another everything you need to know about statistics.

General research resources on the web

Glossary of Education Research Terms
Provides a quick reference with many excellent examples from education.

William Trochim's Research Methods Knowledge Base
Perhaps the single best resource on the Web for quantitative research.

Kerlin's Qualitative Research Site
Excellent resources for conducting qualitative research studies.

Beverly Enns' Tips for Qualitative Research
An excellent resource that provides links to the primary qualitative research types and methods.

Becoming Technology-Confident Qualitative Researchers
Workbooks and Presentations
Very helpful in understanding how technology can facilitate working with qualitative data.

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