April, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I am Carolyn (Ghim Poay) Tan. (Right Photo - taken in Seattle WA on a ferry to San Juan Islands with my husband Dec, 2004). I came to NY (originally from Malaysia) in 1986 to further my music studies, and graduated from Queens College, NY with a Music degree. I have been teaching music and a little computer music (MIDI stuff), and did music publishing for about 20 years. I pursued the study on computers about 10 years ago. My dream was to build a multimedia program teaching music theory but I never got to complete that goal. Anyway, my field of interest got switched over to web development, production and training.

In 1997, I got to know the web, fell in love with it via chat lines etc etc, and at the same time went back to College (Houston Community College ) to get a Graphics and Multimedia Certificate. I also started my own company called Kreative Studios in 1998. Web Development was a hit. I started desiging web sites and continued working with digital publishing and production.

I then got both onsite & online teaching positions in the fields of Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Web & Multimedia Development at Houston Community College System (HCCS), the Art Institute of Houston & AIO, Pittsburgh. I actually ENJOY and LOVE teaching more than working in industry production. I also love doing research and discovering new designs, techniques and programming ideas in web & multimedia technology.

To further enhance my skills as online instructor, I decided to become an online student myself. I strongly feel that in order to be an effective online instructor, one of the teaching skills can be learned from the perspective of a student's experience. That was how I got my Masters in Education specializing in Adult Learning & e-Learning from the University of Phoenix in 2002, and later Master of Science in Instructional Design for Online Learning. It was a great learning experience that I will always cherish.

My current research interest involves computer technology and its impact on education for learners of different ages, culture, and educational background, particularly in the third world countries. Research Topics include: (a) how instructors, trainers and administrators can utilize technology fully and effectively in the teaching environment without having to feel intimidated, (b) how online classes affect traditional teaching methods globally, and (c) future changes in technology and its impact on education on administrators, instructors and learners.

I was accepted into the Doctoral progarm at Capella in July of 2004 where I completed my comprehensive exams up to the Dissertation Proposal stage. In regards to Capella University, I have decided to continue my Doctoral program with them at a later stage when I could better afford the tuition. Instead of a Doctoral degree, I have now been awarded a Master of Science specializing in Instructional Design for Online Learning after the completion of a final course in September, 2007. At the present moment, I am working on completing my Adobe Certification as Instructor (ACI) and also the Adobe Certification Expert (ACE) testings for Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.

Job Experiences:
Faculty (onsite & online) - Focus Area: Interactive media, Web Design & Development Courses
AIPOnline & Community Colleges


  • MSEd (Instructional Design for Online Learning)
  • MAEd (Adult Training & Distance Education)
  • BA in Music
  • Graduate Certificate (History of Graphic Design & Typographic Design)
  • Certificate in Multimedia & Graphic Design
  • Certified Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Designer (2004)
  • Adobe Certified Associate

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